Our story

Schmidt´s Copenhagen was founded in early 2017 by two close brothers Oliver and Marco Schmidt. The Schmidt-brothers have a great passion for high quality clothing, that will still be affordable to all people. Clothing should be stylish and inspiring, not bore and dissuade the wearer. This is the idea, that goes behind everything   Schmidt´s Copenhagen create.

To create our unique style, we draw inspiration from the urban lifestyle, and classical Scandinavian design principles. Our aim is to keep a modern and minimalistic design in all our products, while keeping the quality at an incredibly high level. Our beautiful and neat designs assure that we will always be able to find something for you, no matter who you. We have a strong desire to please, and will therefore expand our product line based on our costumers needs and wants.

Schmidt´s Copenhagen is for everyone who wishes to obtain premium products, but without paying a premium price.

Welcome to the SCHMIDT Family

At Schmidt´s Copenhagen we are very proud of our name.

The Schmidt name dates back all the way to 1864. Our great-great-grandmother was the first to carry the family name. Her first husband brought the name to the family, but he unfortunately died during the duchy of 1864.

After his death, our great-great-grandmother found a new lover. But out of respect for her first husband she named their first-born son, Niels Schmidt Nielsen. And that is where our name began.

‘The founders of Schmidt´s Copenhagen.

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